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A Herd Boy President


Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is the president in South Africa. Want to know more about him? Read this article until the end. Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma was first known for being a herd boy before he became the president of the South Africa. But before going to that story, let us know first a brief background from where he came from.


Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma was born on April 12, 1942. He is already seventy four years old today. He was actually born in Nkandla, South Africa. His mother was actually a domestic worker while his father was a policeman. Unfortunately, Jacob's father died when Jacob was still young. Because of that, he doesn't know well his father - he doesn't have enough knowledge who his father is and how his father works.  This is something that made Jacob weak as a person. However, there is his mother who raises him up and made him strong as the man we know see and respect.


Before Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma became the President of the South Africa, he first underwent a lot of trials in life. Before becoming the South Africa President, Jacob Zuma first became a herd boy, political prisoner and trade unionist. His exile life leads him to his quest to becoming the president of the South Africa.


In Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma's childhood, he didn't have the opportunity to finish his primary education - he just puts his time in being a herd boy. Why does he need to do it? Because they are poor that time. They do not have that much. Jacob Zuma knew the reality of apartheid through his mother's work as a domestic worker. Because of that, Jacob Zuma joined the ANC or the African National Congress when he was seventeen years old. He actually became a prisoner in the year 1990.


In December 18, 2007, Jacob Zuma won the election. He, Jacob Zuma, became the president of the South Africa defeating Thabo Mbeki. Thabo Mbeki got one thousand five hundred votes while Jacob Zuma got two thousand three hundred twenty nine. Obviously, it has a big difference. Despite the intense political rivalry of the two men - no blood was shed, although Mbeki's supporters deserted the ANC to form their own political party shortly after he was fired. On the other hand, Thabo Mbeki continued his membership in the African National Congress and works closely with Jacob Zuma. They have their only mission: To build a peaceful African continent. Know more about President Jacob Zuma at this source!