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Government and Politics: Knowing More About South African President Jacob Zuma


Jacob GedleyihlekisaZuma is the fourth president of the Republic of South Africa, who has been elected by the National Assembly, and a leader of the African National Congress, which is the largest party of the lower house of Parliament. The election of president in South Africa is unique because instead of directly elected by the people, it is their parliament that elects the president, and the candidate should also be coming from the member of the national assembly. It is considered that the president is the head of the government, the head of the state and the national defense's commander-in-chief. With the new constitution of South Africa, the term of the president is for five years, which is limited to two consecutive terms, which preserves the check and balance, as well as preventing accumulation and abuse of power.


President Jacob Zuma's birthplace was in the province of  Natal, in the town of Nkandla. He has two brothers namely Joseph and Micheal. His father was a policeman, while his mother was a domestic worker. When he was young, his father died and he did not attend any formal education because he had to support his mother. He is a self-made man, who have taught himself to write and read, as well as learned other foreign languages in his own effort and determination. At the age of seventeen, he joined the national congress and started his political engagement, became a militant arm, received a military training, until he became the head of the intelligence department. He was convicted in overthrowing the apartheid government, and so was imprisoned, serving Robben Island along with other national congress' leaders. President Jacob Zuma was not spared with legal challenges like many presidents all over the world face such as allegations of corruption and rape, but he surpassed everything and was able to clear his reputation. He has four wives, with estimated twenty-one children. More jacobzuma news here!


President Zuma's humble beginnings became his powerful gear in attracting the majority of people in South Africa, as he is regarded as a "man of the people", with charismatic personality and the commoner can always relate to. He has been in constant battle in reducing the HIV and AIDS cases in South Africa, improving health care services in order to increase the life expectancy and to build a healthier nation. His solution to problems with teenage pregnancy is providing condoms in different institutions, and obliging the mothers to get a college degree, while the government is taking care of their babies. Know more facts about Jacob Zuma at